Message from principal

Our aim at NIST is to ensure that our students develop aspirations for themselves and for our community, skills that will lead them to pursue successful working lives, a passion for learning that will stay with them, values that will enable them to be responsible and positive members and leaders of society and a deep-rooted belief that they can achieve excellence in anything they choose to do.
At NIST we believe strongly in the power of high expectations of our students and of ourselves, and in the importance of personal goals that are meaningful to each individual. We know that every student has their own potential and we are determined to help them to fulfill it. We aim to enable all students to take part in exciting learning inside and outside the classroom, so that they can make rapid and sustained progress. We promote creativity and self-confident expression. We know that the education a student receives at school can sustain them as they enter the world of work or of further study. We are fully committed to helping students to be ambitious and optimistic, to become problem-solvers, and to make the positive and responsible decisions that will make them independent, confident and engaged members of society.

Mr. Madhav Prasad Baral